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Touring/Expedition Kayak






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Current Designs Cypress FG
This magnificent handling sea kayak is true to its British-design roots with modest rocker for maneu..
Current Designs Equinox GTS
The Equinox GTS is the new sister to the Solstice GTS. As the name implies, the Equinox is shorter t..
Current Designs Solstice GT
The Solstice family of kayaks has long been the pride of the Current Designs Performance Touring Kay..
Current Designs Squall GTS
Updated in 2012, the Squall GTS continues its lineage as a sleek and efficient rotomolded kayak read..
Current Designs Squamish RM
The Squamish is a sporty boat that answers the call for a smaller roto-molded kayak that excels in t..
Current Designs Vision 150 Hybrid G/KL with Rudder
The full sized Vision 150 delivers an excellent mix of on water efficiency and maneuverability. With..
Current Designs Vision 150 RM
The Vision 150 roto is a great option for those looking for a bigger transitional kayak, with the ad..
Dagger Alchemy 14.0L
Performance and versatility from lakes to slow moving inland rivers, rock gardens or surf zones, the..
Epic 16X
The Epic 16X offers a unique combination of stability, maneuverability, and speed that touring paddl..
Epic 18X
The Epic 18X family is designed for intermediate to advanced touring paddlers seeking a distinct edg..
Epic GPX
The Epic GPX appeals to a broad range of kayakers with its prefect blend of stability, light weight,..
Hurricane Sojourn 126
THE SOJOURN 126 is a day touring kayak for smaller paddlers who like performance in a nifty little p..
Hurricane Sojourn 135
THE SOJOURN 135 is a day touring kayak for the masses that offers high initial stability pared w..
Hurricane Sojourn 146
THE SOJOURN 146 and 146 LV are the premier models in the Sojourn series and, at 14 feet 6 inches..
Necky Eliza Ruddered
Named after an island in Washington State’s San Juan Islands, our women's kayak feels so good you ne..