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Our Philosophy

Whatever your reason for wanting to be on the water, you've come to the right place. At Fluid Fun, our philosophy is simple: match the right person to the right boat, every time. Couldn't be easier, right? Well, there's a lot behind this concept, and we want to take a minute to explain what makes our paddle shop the best (and only!) one of its kind in the area. So before you buy a boat hanging from the rafters at that discount retailer, please read on to see what you'll be missing!

First of all, kayaks and canoes are our only business. In short, we eat, drink and sleep this stuff! Our staff has over 150 years of combined paddlesports experience, and you can count on us to ask the right questions and put you in the boat that will best meet your needs. We believe that everyone – from the dedicated racer to the casual paddler – benefits from a well-designed boat.

There are a lot of different boats out there . . . and there are a lot of different ways people use them. If our goal is to match every customer to the right one, that means we have to have a lot of boats on hand. And we do – well over 400 at any given time, as a matter of fact! And if we don't have the one you need, you can be sure we'll order it for you. You won't find a better selection anywhere!


As paddlesports enthusiasts, we created a store we would want to buy from. Boats aren't hanging from a ceiling gathering dust – they're at hand and eye level, waiting for you to see, touch and feel. So go ahead . . . have a seat in a kayak . . . kick the tires a bit . . . make sure it's the one for you. If you think it is, it's time to hit the water – only a few steps away!


Try Before You Buy
Trying out a kayak at Fluid Fun Bristol IndianaJust as you wouldn't buy a car without a test drive, don't even think about buying a boat without paddling it first. Here's where our shop really stands out – we're right on the St. Joseph River, and we encourage you to try before you buy. This is the reason we don't offer online sales – a kayak may look perfect on screen, but you'll never know until you get in it! A test paddle is the only way you'll know if it's right for you – and at Fluid Fun, you're welcome to try out as many boats as you want. And if it's your first time, don't worry – we have a water front director on staff every Friday and Saturday to give mini lessons and to check out your paddling skills before sending you out on your own.


The Bottom Line
Our goal is not just to sell boats – we want to introduce as many people as we can to the enjoyment paddling has brought to our own lives. When you paddle a well-designed boat expertly fitted to you for the first time, you'll know exactly what we mean. So stop buy for a visit, and plan on spending a couple of hours looking for and trying out your boat. We're looking forward to helping you get on the water!